Laura Pennington

Are you ready to launch or expand your freelance writing career?

Are you ready to turn your love for writing into an income-making opportunity? If so, you are not alone. There are many men and women who believe they have a talent to create unique stories and content, but don’t realize that to make money from this writing, they need to invest in their skills. What you learned in English class long ago isn’t going to cut it in today’s Internet-driven world. There is some good news, though. If you have skill, you have the ability to achieve success if you know a bit about the industry and what it demands from its writers. We can help you with that.

Laura Pennington is an expert content marketing strategist, having helped more than 300 clients boost their businesses and gain better leads online. Laura went from part-time freelancing to a six figure business in just 18 months. After being asked so many times “How did you do it?”, she founded two leading programs to help new and existing freelance writers launch and grow incredible businesses from home. If you’ve always wanted to be a writer and work on your own time from anywhere, schedule your free 30 minute breakthrough session today!